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Setting retail prices for Christmas trees

To successfully determine retail prices for Christmas trees, retailers must know their customers, understand their needs, and set their tree prices and services at a level that will match them.  In addition, retailers must know how many trees they will need to sell at those prices to cover operating expenses and generate a worthwhile profit. […]

2017 Christmas tree forecast

  2017 Christmas Tree Forecast We just returned from a week long journey through the Pacific Northwest Christmas tree growing region. Much of our time was dedicated to visiting with our current, loyal farms. We also made sure to allocate plenty of time searching for other farms that may be in a position to take […]

Modern Christmas Tree Retailing

Modern Christmas Tree Retailing Before the days of plantation grown trees, farmers worked with and harvested their trees  from wild forested stands for the most part. The retailers had to rely on their own skills and ingenuity to spruce  them up into nice looking trees, attractively merchandise and market them, and then work hard  to […]

This is a great article about the beginnings of the Southern California Christmas tree industry

 “The Tracks”-Southern California Christmas Tree Industry Trains played a huge roll in getting the Southern California Christmas tree industry started. Without a doubt, Bishop and Mathews knew how to use the trains to their advantage!  In fact, “The Tracks”, were the best place to be to get a fresh cut Christmas tree.  They were auctioned […]

2015 Christmas Tree Season highlights, 2016 forecast

2015 Christmas Tree Season highlights Other than a few minor weather issues, and tighter supplies of trees,  our growers and retailers had praise for the 2015 Season in general. Truck availability was better than it has been for the last several years. Most of our retailers reported good sales. Noble fir continues to be the […]

Receiving your Christmas trees

   Delivery Process Receiving your Christmas trees is normally a simple process. Getting them to you can be a different story, however. Several parties are involved, and a multitude of factors can arise and affect your delivery and order. It is essential that all parties know and follow guidelines in order to successfully transfer the possession […]