Bishop and Mathews Wholesale Christmas Trees

Bishop and Mathews  Christmas trees is a wholesale supplier of the finest  Christmas trees in the pacific Northwest.  We provide shipping and work out all of the details for you so you can focus on your customers and profits.

As a Christmas tree wholesale supplier, we pride ourselves in supplying the best Christmas trees so that your customers will be happy and satisfied with your trees.

    Why buy wholesale Christmas trees from Bishop and Mathews?

    Bishop and Mathews is a reliable & experienced provider of Oregon Christmas trees. We  bring over 80 years of experience in the Christmas tree industry to the table for you. Our trees are consistently the high quality that retail Christmas tree lots need.   Read about cultivating Christmas trees.

    We recommend that you don’t wait to place wholesale Christmas tree orders but that you place them now.  We often sell out of our premium trees before the season.  Order before the summer is over to guarantee you’ll receive your Christmas tree shipment.

    Contact us for pricing, to place an order for your wholesale Christmas trees, or read more about  trees.