Bishop and Mathews…Your One Stop shop for delivered wholesale Christmas trees

Bishop and Mathews is a  well established supplier of Wholesale Christmas trees from the Pacific Northwest Christmas tree growing region. Non profit groups such as Boy Scout Troops, schools, and church groups rely on us to deliver trees, and are a large segment of our repeat business. We keep local Nurseries with limited space for display and storage stocked with fresh trees by providing multiple deliveries with smaller quantities of trees.  We handle the logistics of getting the trees our customers need delivered to them when needed, so they can focus on theirs.  Many of our customers  have bought trees from us over 30 years, with some over 50.

In order to better assist you in starting up your retail Christmas tree lot or fundraising operation, we have created a comprehensive, step by step booklet that guides you through the start-up process. If you are interested in buying Christmas trees from us and you would like a free copy of it, we will send the booklet electronically, to your e-mail inbox.

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