Where should I buy my wholesale Christmas Trees?

Wondering why would a retailer would want to buy from us?

Here are some reasons:

  1. We have been involved in the Christmas tree business since 1927, and have built relationships with some of the finest tree growers in the Pacific Northwest. Some of these farms have been growing trees for Bishop and Mathews for over 40 years. As a result, we have earned their respect, and continually receive the finest trees and service from them year after year.
  2. Many retailers do not have the time to travel the Northwest and shop for trees, and visit farms. When ordering trees from Bishop and Mathews, all of the work of finding and purchasing good quality trees is done for you.

    Premium Noble Fir

    Premium Noble Fir

  3. Bishop and Mathews represents several small tree growers who take great pride in their trees. They get our business because we know that they will supply us with the quality and quantity of trees that our customers need. In most cases, the smaller grower does a lot of the work himself, and oversees everything, in order to get the best quality possible. He knows that his trees will command a little higher price and bring more money to the retailers.
  4. For various reasons, grading standards vary from farm to farm.  We travel from farm to farm looking at trees, which gives us the broad perspective needed to purchase the right trees for the right grade.
  5. Since Bishop and Mathews purchases trees in greater quantities than a retailer, our costs are usually much lower, and we can pass the savings on to you. In many instances, the costs of the trees may be nearly the same, whether you purchase them from us or from a grower. Our price may be a few dollars higher than the corporate empires, but our quality is well worth it!
  6. Many growers have only one or two varieties of trees, which means you may have to buy from several growers to get the variety of trees that you need. We can consolidate trees for you, and put the entire shipment of mixed species on one load.
  7. Arranging shipping can be a difficult task. Many growers have a difficult time with split shipments. Most growers require payment in full before the trees will be loaded on to a truck. With Bishop and Mathews, you may qualify for partial credit. We can split your load with another customer if necessary. Our only requirement is that you purchase a minimum of 200 trees per drop. This enables the smaller retailer to still receive direct shipments, and also get drops spread over the season, rather than having to receive the entire order all at once. This is a very important consideration for retailers in warm, dry climates. We can arrange and handle all of the trucking for you, and can negotiate a better price.

We are confident that you will be happy with our service and products, and hope to hear from you soon. Contact us today for more information.